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Transfer Tenant Ballot - The Result

The results of the tenant transfer ballot are as follows:-

In favour of the transfer  -  96.1%

Against the trainsfer  -  3.9%

Spoiled papers - 0.3%

Turnut (percentage of eligible voters who voted) - 72.4%

What Happens Next

We have reported the ballot result to the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Shareholding members of Charing Cross will now be invited to attend two separate Special General Meetings (SGMs) to play their part in delivering the transfer.  Members will be asked to give their formal approval to a special resolution on the transfer of engagements to West of Scotland.  The dates for the SGMs will be Monday 27 June 2022 (SGM1) and a second meeting on Monday 11 July 2022 (SGM2).  Calling notices with details of the meetings will be sent to all members.

After these SGMs and assuming shareholders give their approvals, we will then apply to register the transfer with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  We plan to ask the FCA to register the transfer from 1 August 2022.

Subject to all approvals and consents being obtained, the transfer will "go live" that day meaning that West of Scotland will become the landlord for our tenants, the factor for our factored customers, the sharing owner for our shared ownership properties and the lessor for our leased properties.  They wll become the employer for our stff team and all other existing contracts will transfer to them.

We will contct all tenants and other customers to advise on the outcome and confirm the transfer date nearer the time.

Thank you once again to those of you who engaged in the process and who voted.  If you would like to discuss the ballot outcome, or if you have any other transfer related questions, just contact a member of the Charing Cross team or email us on